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Acerca de Grosa

Grosa is a company that was created on October 10, 2017 and emerged from a proposal received from the renowned brand Sollos Jader Almeida. At that time, founder Edilson Ribeiro decided to move to Colombia and start opening markets in Latin America.


Courage and persistence are the words that represent Grosa, and that have allowed us to reach more than 16 countries. Since the beginning we have believed that we sell memorable experiences, feelings, stories and moments to people's homes.

Our relationship with our clients is based on trust, friendship and, above all, on understanding. By understanding the real needs of our clients, we are able to provide a differentiated service adapted to the profile of each country. We believe that we have managed to unify Brazilian design with the service and accommodation that Brazil offers to its tourists and lovers of our beloved country.

At the same time, we are very pleased with the learning opportunities that Colombia has provided us and, above all, with welcoming our brand with open arms. We really feel that we are part of Colombian origin. We learned, got to know and love the authentic culture of this country, and the gratitude and good memories that we have for almost two years in Medellín will always be in our hearts.

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